Three Books I’m Reading Right Now


If you hang around me long enough, sooner or later you’ll figure out that I l-o-v-e books.

Like, as in if it were allowed and even remotely possible, I’d freakin’ up and marry some of my favorite fictional characters. Which is probably why I write so much fanfiction (you can’t even begin to comprehend the vast amounts of fic I have squirrelled away that will never ever ever see the light of day; what I post is only a teeny tiny fraction of what I’ve written).

I do tend to gravitate towards fantasy and LGBTQIA+ type fictions, but really I don’t have a preferred genre. I’m in it to escape, and anything that can get me to another dimension/world/city in two seconds flat is alright by me.

Anyway, if you haven’t heard of any of the books above, I urge you to check them out! (Also, buy secondhand if you can’t get it from the library! I’m all for supporting authors and whatnot, but times are tough and we need to work on reusing instead of buying everything new)

Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, book one of an awesome YA series, follows the path of a youngster who only wants to live a normal life… but just so happens to be a living, breathing Greek myth!

EDIT: I finished this book yesterday, and oh my goodness! I love anything and everything that has to do with myths and legends, and this series is pulling me further into studying those stories and their monsters (another book rec would be Mythology by Edith Hamilton; the stories are easy to digest, but don’t take that as boring! Every story comes to life through her writing. It’s a very enjoyable read).

Heroine Chic by James Webster is a collection of short stories and poetry that are weird, enticing and altogether beautiful. It’s a very short read, and you will be wanting more of his work by the end of it (btw, he writes stuff on Tumblr if you want to get a feel for his style and content!)

The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers is at times laugh-out-loud hilarious and at others touching. The story takes place *dramatic music* in spaaaace! Between the brilliant cast of strange and outlandish characters and the derring-do of Rosemary, the main protagonist, this book is sure to whet your appetite for adventure and silliness.

Some websites I link to are affiliate links. It costs nothing extra for you (if you make a purchase), & it gives me a little something in return!

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