Bad Mood Monday

Today is the first day in a long while that I’ve skipped a morning at the gym.

I’ve been feeling pretty dang tired recently, and that’s in part to my extra-curricular reading binges (whoops). There are just so many good things to read out on the greater Internet that I don’t have time for silly things like sleep. And since I’m eschewing slumber on the grounds of I Just Don’t Have Time For Such Nonsense, my daylight hours are suffering.

Candy, books, art supplies… #cantstopwontstop

Not going to the box means that I’m not going to get that good ol’ endorphins rush I so desperately crave every single day. Couple that with the lack of sleep over the last couple of weeks, and you could say that I am a very crabby squirrel (but don’t, not because I don’t agree with that statement coming from my lips, but because I will probably take it as an insult and not give you a warning hiss before I bite).

It’s not like I’m not used to taking a day or two off; my regular schedule has up to three days built in so I can rest my sore muscles before the next WOD. But as this is an unscheduled day off, my restlessness is kicked into high gear, my moods are off the charts, and all I want to do is curl up into a ball and cry (but I won’t cry because I am emotionally stunted; I will curl up into a ball and read emotionally wrenching fanfiction, though, and think about how good it’d feel to cry. But I don’t think that’s a particularly healthy way of coping with things).

Which is why I need ALL THE ENDORPHINS

I could go take a nap, but naps are the worst. I can’t get anything done while taking a nap.

Instead of doing anything that would be good for my body (since I’m not headed to the gym, why should I even take care of myself in any other manner today), I’m probably going to slump in front of this here computer and be as non-productive as I possibly can.

Or I might just go and finish reading one of the many books that I’ve started for this month. At least that wouldn’t require me to be sitting up the entire time…

Walking and reading without getting hurt is one of my many useless god-tier superpowers

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