Dancing Fingers*

*Picture-heavy post!

I’m always, always doing something with my hands. When I’m drinking coffee, I’m holding a book. When I’m watching a show on TV (The Haunting of Bly Manor and Scream Queens are in the rotation at the moment), I have a crochet project I’m working on. When I’m walking, I have a fidget cube. There is never a moment when my hands are not doing something.

I just really, really, really like to keep busy.

And in keeping my hands busy, it allows my mind to focus on the ‘here and now’, instead of the ‘if and when’ or, worse yet, the ‘then and there’. Which is good… mostly.

So, while I’m sitting on the porch, drinking my coffee and listening to the squirrels fight with the blue jays, I’m going to happily be using my hook and yarn to create something cozy and wonderful, even if it’s only to keep my hands from doing evil. Because once my hands go evil, they don’t go back.

Unless of course, you ask nicely. Then I might consider it.

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