Digital Doodles!

I haven’t been practicing my digital art recently.

Eeeeeyyy! Who’s the slacker now??? (me, it’s still me)

And really, the last time I did get into Krita was to do a bunch of 10-minute sketches and some texture practice.

It feels kinda creepy doing only half a person, but it definitely focuses my eye on parts that I wouldn’t have noticed in the first place.

Which is fun; I like making clothes and hair lay just right in order to add some semi-realness to my drawings.

Please ignore the fact that this is a WIP and just loOK AT HOW AWESOME CARA’S HAIR TURENED OUT!

I’ve also been practicing my line work, which has surprisingly gotten a little better. Not much, but a little.

Only a little wobble in those lines!

And my coloring… oh my coloring.

Don’t mind her, she’s just a little dizzy after all of those poisoned mushrooms exploded in her face.

Proportions? Heck yes they’ve improved!


Anyway, this has been an update on my endeavors to expand my artistic abilities. Toodles!

The bear only wants to give you a goodbye hug! Why are you running away?!?


2 thoughts on “Digital Doodles!

    1. I did! I have no idea what half the tools are or how to actually make great art digitally, but I have fun messing around and bumbling through the program.

      I lived in the middle of nowhere for most of my life, so I had a LOT of time to just sit and doodle when I wasn’t out chorin’.

      Watch all of the YouTube videos you can! It’s almost better than going to school for it and like 100000000% free. Also use reference photos. They are a life saver (but don’t trace! unless you’re practicing you line technique! and always credit the source when you do if you put it out there for others to see!!!)

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