NaNoWriMo Day #8

Can y’all believe it? The first week of NaNoWriMo is officially over! Only *insert click-clack abacus sounds* three weeks and change to go!

Over the past week, I’ve been fighting myself, constantly doubting and sabotaging the words I want to put on the page. In fact, one day was so bad that I only got 90 words total. I mean, it’s some words, but it’s far from my goal of 1,667 a day.

Today (Sunday), I’ve taken a little bit of a break to celebrate my almost-goal of 10,000 words by writing some nonfiction (aka this blog). I’m not looking to hit that 10k today, but if I do, I’ll be very proud of myself.

My break has been fairly productive. I’ve gotten a good start on a new sweater pattern I found on Etsy (making it extra big for extra snugglieness!), I’ve almost finished reading another book, and I found my knockoff copic markers. I haven’t done anything else chore-wise, but look at how pretty the markers color!


Not only did I start practicing on some older sketches, I colored a drawing that I had digitalized awhile back.

I think the progression from smudged pencil to fully colored turned out alright (this art is based on a fic by missbluebonnet on Ao3 go read it if you like crying). I don’t really have much of an update, so I hope this little showcase will make up for it. I’ve been too busy writing whacky supernatural-spiced queer fiction to put much mind to writing about me.

I’ll just leave you with a comparison of the finished coptic and the digital I made a while back. Enjoy the day!

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