I Wasn’t Talking to You

It’s not unusual to find me talking to myself. I do it while grocery shopping. I do it while cleaning. I do it lifting weights. When I talk to myself (let’s be truthful here, when I talk-sing to myself), I’m processing the thoughts in my head one at a time instead of a million at once.

I’m not quite sure why this works. According to several search results, it’s perfectly normal:

“If we speak out loud, it forces us to slow down our thoughts and process them differently because we engage the language centers of our brain,” explains Dr. Nicolosi. “By talking to ourselves we become more deliberate, and this creates a slower process to think, feel and act, instead of being bombarded by our thoughts.”

NBCNews: Go ahead, talk to yourself. It’s normal —and good for you. by Wendy Rose Gould

So when I’m in my hyper-focused state, when I’m excited or frustrated about something, or when I’m just trying to find my runaway coffee mug, talking to myself slows all of the thoughts and ideas that normally careen wildly about my brain and puts them into some semblance of order (granted, it’s not much of an order, but it’s better than the normal chaos). And calming the chaos inside my head leads to things like locating said coffee mug or working out a way to make a project work better or talk myself up to trying a lift again. Because really, I’m just giving myself a pressure release, even if it sounds like I’m singing about what I’m going to do to my coffee mug once I find it or growling at the computer because it’s running slower than what I think it should. That constant chatter helps to organize my ideas and solve any problems I’m dealing with at that moment.

So while I may be talking out loud, really what I’m doing is processing all of the information at hand. Which is good, because I need to use all of my brain to get 50,000 words done before the end of November. Now don’t mind me, I’m going to go talk at my notebook some more.

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