NaNoWriMo Day #19

I have been falling behind in my posts. And I could come up with an excuse at the drop of the hat, but I won’t. I’m just lazy and can’t be bothered to update at the moment *shrug*.

That being said, what I have been doing is writing up a storm. Since NaNoWriMo is in the final stretch, I’ve been working my butt off to get in enough words to meet the deadline at the end of November. Am I there yet? No, but dang. I am so so close.

I recently rolled over to 25k words. As a person who only writes 300 to 1,000 words at a time, and only 50k in the last 4 years I’ve been an Ao3 member, I’m freaking impressed with myself. When I started this challenge, I couldn’t even imagine hitting 20,000 words in half a month, let alone 50,000 by the end of it. But I didn’t do it without help.

I’m not a big contributor to most forums I’m a part of. I mainly just sit back and watch as others ask for help, answer questions and post motivational memes. That being said, it doesn’t mean I don’t participate in building up another writer/artist/gym fanatic. And though I probably don’t know them personally, I always feel that even the smallest words of encouragement can go a long way in brightening someone’s day.

Have i used this before? Probably, but it’s still relevant.

That’s the great thing about community. Even when something looks super impossible, there is always someone out there willing to cheer you on. And lately, with things feeling so bleak, I’ve been seeing a lot more of it in the real world as well. And I love it.

No matter how bad things look, just remember that there are those of us out here who are willing to take a moment to lend a shoulder or an ear. You are not alone. You got this, kid.

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