Responsibility By The Wayside

I’m great at shirking responsibilities.

When I should be writing or drawing or researching, I tend to put off those things I deem too much of a “brain drain” and opt instead for mindless entertainment. Take NaNoWriMo for instance: I have a good solid foundation of a story, but the amount of mental energy is going to take to bring everything together is daunting, and I’d much rather read. Part of this procrastination is Fear taking hold (which it has done so easily today thanks to surprise anxiety attacks). Fear is great at taking something quite enjoyable (albeit work) and twisting it into something tiring.

But I’m doing something proactive about it, right now in this very moment. I debated briefly about sequestering myself in the office and writing until I couldn’t see straight, but the Playstation 2 called to me. Needless to say, I’m sitting in the darkened living room, the only light coming from the start screen on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed up on the TV and my phone as I pick and peck out words for your eyeballs.

It may not be much in terms of getting shit done today, but it’s a small step in the right direction.

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